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For more than 20 years Brainics has involved in industrial automation business, we have many success story to be our reference. From the very simple applications to the most complicated applications, from normal power to the large power up to 5 MW. We make customer’s satisfaction with the best efficient suitable parts and our engineering mind. Some of our reference are presented here

Drive for crane 100 Tons

Roller Table
AC Drive 200 kW x 1
AC Drive 315 kW x 3
AC Drive 400 kW x1

Drive for pump AC Drive 250 kW

Brushless DC motor for sugar centrifuge
Controlled by special DC drive

Motor 1300 kW
AC Drive 1500 kW

AC Drive + PLC + HMI
for paper industries

Pressure feed
Motor 690 kW
AC Drive 690 kW

Sugar centrifuge
Motor 250 kW
AC Drive 250 kW

MCC panel and automation system (HMI & PLC)
for particle plant

Roof tile application
Control system of collator machine
with motion controller and 7 axis of servo motors and servo drives

Motor and drive for crane 120 Tons

Upgrade Servo Drive & Servo Motor

Roller Table
AC Drive 200 kW x 3
Regerative power

Upgrade AC drive Simovert to Sinamics

Air Compressor link USS Protoccl

Revamp Blow MouldingMachines



PP-PE Momnfilament Machines

S7-1200 DC drive DCM

Upgrade wire cable machine

Sinamics G130 400Kw

Sinamics S120 Cabinet 

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